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Smash Hits Karaoke (DVD)

Smash Hits Karaoke (DVD)


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Hey!..karaoke just became serious fun!!
Market leaders AVID Entertainment have joined forces with Smash Hits Magazine to bring you the best karaoke release of the year….Smash Hits Karaoke.
We have collected 10 of the hottest pop hits for this sensational collaboration between the "kings" of karaoke and the "queens" of teen! In the guise of Pop Idol and Fame Academy, karaoke (for that's what these shows really are!!).. has really caught the public's imagination in the last couple of years. No longer is it just a Christmas party diversion but an all year round entertainment (which could lead to a spectacular career as a pop star!!)
AVID Entertainment and Smash Hits are proud to be leading the way in bringing karaoke in from the cold and in to your living room! From Westlife to Busted, Christina Aguilera to Will Young, Rachel Stevens to Black Eyed can learn to sing just like your favourite pop stars.
And our final track is the recent number one smash from Michelle McManus, "All This Time" - so you is all over when the fat lady sings!!

1. Crazy In Love - Beyonce*
2. Mandy - Westlife*
3. Sweet Dreams My LA Ex - Rachel Stevens*
4. Where Is The Love? - Black Eyed Peas*
5. Beautiful - Christina Aguilera*
6. Year 3000 - Busted*
7. Cry Me A River - Justin Timberlake*
8. If You're Not The One - Daniel Beddingfield*
9. Leave Right Now - Will Young*
10. All This Time - Michelle McManus*

* denotes the artist that made the song a classic

Blue Screen Option
Three Different Audio Tracks
(Vocal Version, Karaoke Version, Backing Version)

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