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Pineapple Studios: Dance Masterclass - Funk Fusion (DVD)

Pineapple Studios: Dance Masterclass - Funk Fusion (DVD)

Ref: AVDVD 056

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Funk Fusion is the second in a series of dance instruction programmes from Avid Entertainment in collaboration with the world renowned Pineapple Dance Studios.
Dance has always been an important and vital component of Hip hop culture, which grew from the clubs and the streets (thus the terminology "street" dance), and eventually being widely popularized through MTV with artists such as Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Usher, and most recently Justin Timberlake.
This DVD/Video gives you the opportunity to learn three new and original combinations performed to hot original music whilst getting fit and having fun!
Choreographer Kate Prince's unique "nu skool" is both innovative and fresh, fusing elements of Street, Funk, Latin, Jazz and African.

· Full warm up session
· Routines broken down & taught by Kate Prince
· Performance of all three routines, to special recorded songs by DJ Kelvin
· DVD Special Feature: Multi-angle option including focus on foot work

Funk Fusion follows the success of Avid's first Dance Masterclass release "Street Jazz" AVDVD 021

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