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Special FX4 (Sound Effects) (CD)

Special FX4 (Sound Effects) (CD)

Ref: AVC685

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1.Rippling Waves
2.Ebb & Flow On A Sandy Beach
3.Ebb & Flow On A Rocky Beach
4.Waves Crashing On Rocks
5.Stormy Sea
6.Windswept Rain
7.Raining In The Street
8.Thunder Storm
9.Snow Avalanche
10.Crackling Fire
11.River Flow
12.Crickets & Forest Night Sounds
13.Tropical Birds
15.Coastal Seabirds
16.Crumbling Of A Rocky Cliff
17.Urban City Sounds
20.Traffic In The Rain
21.Pneumatic Drill
22.Slamming Car Doors
23.Cash Register
24.American Police Car Siren
25.Passing Ambulance
26.Passing Fire Engine
27.Opening And Closing Windows
28.Lift (Elevator)
29.Window Breaking
30.Telephone Ringing
31.Drinks Dispenser
32.Man Coughing
33.Man Sneezing
34.People Chasing
35.Snoring Man
36.Flushing Toilet
37.General Street Traffic
38.Alarm Bell
39.Kicking An Empty Can
40.Dust Cart Sequence
41.Head On Smash
42.Passing Car With Hoooter
43.Opening Garage & Starting Car
44.Traffic Jam
45.Rain Beating On A Window
46.Space Music
47.Friendship 7 Rocket Take Off
48.Electronic Space Effects
49.Rocket Doors Closing
50.Space Ship Taking Off
51.Spaceship Approaching Landing Pad
52.Spaceship Cabin
53.Missiles For Disintegrating
54.Robot In Motion
55.Magnetic Storm
56.Shots In A Magnetic Storm
57.Crossing Of Spaceship
59.Call Sos
60.Cosmic Radar
61.Cosmic Sonar
62.Geiger Counter
63.Space Scooter
64.Launching Alarm
65.Laser Gun
66.Science Fiction Creature
67.UFO Arrives

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