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Special FX3 (Sound Effects) (CD)

Special FX3 (Sound Effects) (CD)

Ref: AVC684

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1.Brigade Training (Marching)
2.Air Raid Warning
3.Heavy Bomber Taking Off
4.Fighters Taking Off
5.General Explosions (Bangs & Booms)
6.Light Artillery (General Infantry Weaponry)
7.Tank Tracks
8.Machine Gun
9.Astd Artillery (General Light, Medium & Heavy Weaponry)
10.Nuclear Explosion
11.All Clear Siren
12.Euro Emergency Services Vehicles Siren
13.Uk Emergency Services Vehicles
14.American Police Car Siren
15.Amplified Telephone Ring (Eg Yard Bell)
16.Grand Father Clock Chiming
17.The Original Sputnik Beeps
18.Morse Code Radio Signal
19.Tuning In A Short Wave Radio
20.Electronic Sound Bites
21.Light Musical Stretching Links
22.Light Musical Stretching Links
23.Slow Musical Stretching Links
24.Slow Musical Stretching Links
25.Lively Musical Stretching Links
26.Lively Musical Stretching Links
27.Orchestral Stretching Link
28.Jungle Tom Tom’s
29.Sth Pacific Song (Vocal)
30.Maori War Dance
31.Maori War Song
32.Crashing Of Lumps Of Metal!
33.Smashing Plates On The Floor
34.Opening & Closing Of A Lift Door
35.Children Playing In The Garden
36.General Sounds Of People On The Beach
37.Crying Baby
38.Baby Laughing Then Sneezes!
39.Throwing Dice
40.Lonely Cuckoo Clock (Cuckooing)
41.A Shop Full of Cuckoo Clocks (Cuckooing)
42.A Mechanical Bird Singing
43.Compressed Air (Hisses)
44.Front Door Bell-Chime
45.A Musical Box
46.Fireworks (Small Display)
47.Fireworks (Large Display)
48.Fireworks (Arena Event)
49.Lady Obviously Washing In A Shower
50.Washing Machine
51.Broken Glass Being Swept Up
52.The Tick Tocking Of A Clock
53.Coins Dropping & Spinning On The Floor
54.Opening A Bottle Of Beer & Pouring
55.Manual Typewriter
60.Tiger Roaring
61.Lion Roaring
62.Panther Roaring
63.Hyena (Laughing!)
64.Bear Growling
65.Camels Snorting
66.Gibbons Screaming
67.Baboons Screaming
68.Chimps Chattering
69.Donkey Neighing
70.Cat Mee-Owing
71.Dog Barking
72.Sheep Baa-Ing
73.Cow Moo-Ing
74.Pig Grunting
75.Ducks Quacking
76.Geese Quacking
77.Turkeys Gobbling

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