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Various Artists: Country Gospel - Five Classic Albums (Hymns By / Nearer The Cross / Singing On Sunday / Sings Sacred Songs / Sing And Shout) (2CD)

Various Artists: Country Gospel - Five Classic Albums (Hymns By / Nearer The Cross / Singing On Sunday / Sings Sacred Songs / Sing And Shout) (2CD)

Ref: AMSC1402

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AVID Country continues with its Five Classic Album series with a re-mastered 2CD release from five country greats, complete with original artwork, liner notes and personnel details;
“Johnny Cash: Hymns By”; “Tennessee Ernie Ford: Nearer The Cross”; “Kitty Wells: Singing On Sunday”, “Hank Snow: Sings Sacred Songs” and “The Oak Ridge Quartet [Boys]: Sing And Shout”
American country music alongside American blues, r&b and even rock “n” roll have always owed a huge debt to the influence of gospel music in the development of their own particular style of music. Many of the great artists in these musical fields will tell stories of their younger days listening to gospel music in Sunday churches throughout the USA, but perhaps especially in the South where many of the greats were born. Think Elvis, Little Richard, Johnny Cash, Aretha, Hank Snow and most of the early rural blues singers and a host of others! Gospel music was what united black and white musicians when they came to perform the music that had inspired them. For many there was no prejudice or segregation regarding the music, it was God’s music to be sung and listened to by all folks. So it’s not surprising to see many of the great country stars paying tribute to the gospel music that so many of them grew up with. Our five fine selections include infamous country “rebel” Johnny Cash who had always been steeped in gospel music and didn’t care who knew it! Tennessee Ernie Ford had always included gospel songs on his nightly TV show. Hank Snow sings his personal gospel favourites alongside The Jordanaires and Kitty Wells recalls those Sunday prayer sessions back home. Out fifth artists The Oak Ridge Quartet actually started life in the early 1950s as a gospel band and continued in that vein until the 1970s when they morphed into The Oak Ridge Boys and became crossover sensations.
Check out:- Sings Gospel (AMSC1383); Johnny Cash (AMSC1252); Hank Snow (AMSC1393); Kitty Wells (AMSC1328); Reverend Gary Davis (AMSC1271); Pat Boone (AMSC1394); Jim Reeves (AMSC1294); Jesse Fuller & Josh White (AMSC1344); BB King (AMSC1387 & 1203).

1-12: ‘Johnny Cash: Hymns By’
1. It Was Jesus
2. I Saw A Man
3. Are All The Children In
4. The Old Account
5. Lead Me Gently Home, Father
6. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
7. Snow In His Hair
8. Lead Me Father
9. I Call Him
10. These Things Shall Pass
11. He’ll Be A Friend
12. God Will
13-24: ‘Tennessee Ernie Ford: Nearer The Cross’
13. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
14. Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me
15. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
16. Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
17. Now The Day Is Over
18. Nearer, My God, To Thee
19. Sweet Peace The Gift Of God’s Love
20. Whispering Hope
21. Lord, I’m Coming Home
22. I Need Thee Every Hour
23. Take Time To Be Holy
24. God Be With You
25-30: ‘Kitty Wells: Singing On Sunday’
25. Singing On A Sunday
26. Paul’s Ministry
27. Too Far From God
28. Do You Expect A Reward From God
29. Wings Of A Dove
30. Footsteps Of My Lord

1-6: ‘Kitty Wells: Singing On Sunday’
1. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus
2. I’ll Reap My Harvest In Heaven
3. How Far Is Heaven
4. Gathering Flowers For The Master’s Bouquet
5. Sinner, Kneel Down And Pray
6. That Glory Bound Train
7-18: ‘Hank Snow: Sings Sacred Songs’
7. The Glory Land March
8. Invisible Hands
9. He’ll Understand And Say “Well Done”
10. My Religion’s Not Old-Fashioned
11. My Mother
12. I’m Glad I’m On The Inside
13. The Alphabet
14. I’m In Love With Jesus
15. These Things Shall Pass
16. Pray
17. Little Children (Hope Of The World)
18. I’m Moving On To Glory
19-30: ‘The Oak Ridge Quartet [Boys]: Sing And Shout’
19. Sing And Shout
20. My All I Give
21. Our Debts Will Be Paid
22. On The Other Side Of Jordan
23. I’ll Lose My Blues In Heaven
24. Keep Me
25. For I’ve Got The Lord
26. Lord, I Want To Go Home
27. God Bless You, Go With God
28. Do You Know Jesus
29. Behind Your Tears
30. At The Roll Call

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