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Webb Pierce: Four Classic Albums Plus (Webb Pierce / The Wondering Boy / Just Imagination / Webb!) (2CD)

Webb Pierce: Four Classic Albums Plus (Webb Pierce / The Wondering Boy / Just Imagination / Webb!) (2CD)

Ref: AMSC1378

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AVID Country continues with its Four Classic Albums series with a re-mastered 2CD release featuring Webb Pierce, complete with original artwork, liner notes and personnel details.
“Webb Pierce”; “The Wondering Boy”; “Just Imagination” and “Webb!” plus 10 bonus tracks.
Amongst one of the greatest names in country music Webb Pierce was a truly legendary showman who had more number 1 hits during his heyday in the 1950s than any other country singer. You will find many of his greatest hits in the grooves of our four chosen albums including Slowly, Love, Love, Love, There Stands the Glass, I Don’t Care, More and More, Wondering, and of course his greatest hit from 1955, spending 37 weeks in the charts, 21 of them at number 1, In The Jailhouse Now. Born in Louisiana it was not surprising that alongside Western Swing and the music of Jimmie Rodgers, Webb was also influenced by the sound of Cajun music from the nearby bayous. At 15 years old he already had his own 15 minute radio show Songs By Webb Pierce! He cut an amazing figure in his flamboyant Nudie suits driving his silver dollar lined convertibles, building his guitar shaped swimming pool and performing in an emotionally drenched whisky soaked tenor. He became the epitome of the excess of country music in the 1950s, his home even becoming a tourist attraction with 3,000 visiting each week! However we must not forget what Webb was most famous for and on these albums we concentrate on the music and the musicians and Webb Pierce was certainly a fine musician, singer and entertainer. Take a look at the list of supporting musicians and you will see how well he was regarded by the country music elite. On these albums you will here the likes of Floyd Cramer, Chet Atkins, Owen Bradley, Grady Marsh, Faron Young, Hank Garland, Tommy Jackson, The Wilburn Brothers and Mel Tillis all lending their musical support. Our bonus tracks again show how well he was regarded with duets with Kitty Wells, Mel Tillis and Red Sovine. So for a couple of hours or so, forget the nudie suits, the convertible and the guitar shaped swimming pool (if you can get that image out of your mind!) and enjoy the honky-tonk music of Mr. Webb Pierce.
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1-12: ‘Webb Pierce’
1. In The Jailhouse Now
2. More And More
3. Even Tho
4. Your Good For Nothing Heart
5. You’re Not Mine Anymore
6. I Haven’t Got The Heart
7. Sparkling Brown Eyes
8. You Just Can’t Be True
9. New Silver Bells
10. I’m Walking The Dog
11. I’ll Go On Alone
12. I Don’t Care
13-24: ‘The Wondering Boy’
13. Wondering
14. There Stands The Glass
15. That’s Me Without You
16. Don’t Throw Your Life Away
17. Love, Love, Love
18. If You Were Me (And I Were You)
19. Back Street Affair
20. It’s Been So Long
21. Slowly
22. That Heart Belongs To Me
23. Yes I Know Why
24. I’m Gonna Fall Out Of Love With You
25. Jilted Love (Bonus Track)
26. Heebie Jeebie Blues (Bonus Track)
27. Jinx In Love (Bonus Track)
28. High Geared Daddy (Bonus Track)
29. I’ve Loved You Forever It Seems (Bonus Track)

1-12: ‘Just Imagination’
1. A New Love Affair
2. I Care No More
3. Don’t Be The One
4. I Know (It Was You)
5. Just Imagination
6. I Love You Dear
7. Who Wouldn’t Love You
8. Call Me Your Sweetheart
9. I Found A True Love
10. I’m Only Wishin’
11. Too Late To Worry Now
12. I’ll Get By Somehow
13-24: ‘Webb!’
13. After The Boy Gets The Girl
14. I Owe It To My Heart
15. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You 2.22
16. Life To Go 2.34
17. Sittin’ Alone 2.04
18. You Make Me Live Again 1.45
19. Pick Me Up On Your Way 2.19
20. The Violet And The Rose 2.39
21. Tupelo County Jail 2.02
22. Crazy Arms 2.39
23. Falling Back To You 2.30
24. I Won’t Be Cryin’ Anymore 2.00
25. Red Sovine and Webb Pierce: Why Baby Why (Bonus Track)
26. Red Sovine and Webb Pierce: Little Rosa (Bonus Track)
27. Kitty Wells and Webb Pierce: Oh, So Many Years (Bonus Track)
28. Webb Pierce and Kitty Wells: One Week Later (Bonus Track)
29. Webb Pierce and Mel Tillis: How Come Your Dog Don’t Bite Nobody But Me (Bonus Track)

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