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The Shadows: Three Classic Albums Plus (The Shadows / Out Of The Shadows / Meeting With The Shadows) (2CD)
AVID Pop continues with its Three Classic Albums Plus series with a re-mastered 2CD release starring The Shadows, complete with original artwork, liner notes and personnel details.
“The Shadows”; “Out Of The Shadows”; “Meeting With The Shadows” plus bonus tracks “As The Drifters” and “As The Shadows”, “The Boys” and “The Shadows” EPs and 7 bonus tracks.
Arguably better known with their heart-throb lead singer out front and centre, pop star extraordinaire Mr Cliff Richard. The Shadows began life as The Drifters and for fairly obvious reasons had to change it to The Shadows. The “Shads” as they were affectionately known to their fans, however did have a hugely successful career outside the influence of the mighty Sir Cliff, both before and after their time with the great man. Here we feature the boys first three albums plus a brace of E.P.’s and a bunch of 7" platters for your enjoyment. And remember in the words of Duane Eddy “The Twangs The Thang!”
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1-14: ‘The Shadows’
1. Shadoogie
2. Blue Star
3. Nivram
4. Baby My Heart
5. See You In My Drums
6. All My Sorrows
7. Stand Up And Say That!
8. Gonzales
9. Find Me A Golden Street
10. Theme From A Filleted Place
11. That's My Desire
12. My Resistance Is Low
13. Sleepwalk
14. Big Boy
15-27: ‘Out Of The Shadows’
15. The Rumble
16. The Bandit
17. Cosy
18. 1861
19. Perfidia
20. Little "B"
21. Bo Diddley
22. South Of The Border
23. Spring Is Nearly Here
24. Are They All Like You
25. Tales Of A Raggy Tramline
26. Some Are Lonely
27. Kinda Cool

1-10: ‘Meeting With The Shadows’
1. Apache
2. Tema Da Man Of Mystery
3. Midnight
4. The Savage
5. The Stranger
6. Guitar Tango
7. F. B. I.
8. Peace Pipe
9. The Frightened City
10. Wonderful Land
11. Feelin' Fine - The Drifters (Bonus Track)
12. Don't Be A Fool (With Love) - The Drifters (Bonus Track)
13. Jet Black - The Drifters (Bonus Track)
14. Driftin' - The Drifters (Bonus Track)
15. Lonesome Fella (Bonus Track)
16. Saturday Dance (Bonus Track)
17. Quartermaster's Stores (Bonus Track)
18. Mustang from The Shadows (EP)
19. Theme From Shane from The Shadows (EP)
20. Shotgun from The Shadows (EP)
21.Theme From Giant from The Shadows (EP)
22. Back Home from 7” singles
23. Kon Tiki from 7” singles
24. 36-24-36 from 7” singles
25. Stars Fell On Stockton from 7” singles
26. What A Lovely Tune from 7” singles
27. Theme From "The Boys" from The Boys (EP)
28. The Girls from The Boys (EP)
29. Sweet Dreams a/k/a/Sweet September from The Boys (EP)
30. The Boys from The Boys (EP)
31. Dance On! from 7” singles
32. All Day from 7” singles

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