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Jackie McLean: Four Classic Albums (Lights Out! / A Fickle Sonance / Capuchin Swing / Bluesnik) (2CD)
AVID Jazz continues with its Four Classic Album series with a re-mastered second 2CD release from Jackie McLean, complete with original artwork, liner notes and personnel details
“Lights Out”; “A Fickle Sonance”; “Capuchin Swing” and “Bluesnik”.
Some artists are just so brilliant and so prolific that just one 4 Classic Album Set is not enough for them, and we want to hear more of their great music! Mr. Jackie McLean is one such artist! Following on from the runaway success of our first “McLean Monster” (AMSC1043), we are extremely excited to be announcing this Second Set! As we have previously mentioned, Jackie was incredibly prolific in the 1950s and 1960s and worked with many of the great jazz names of his time. Many of those greats heard on our first McLean Set appear alongside the great altoist for our Second Set. Step up, Donald Byrd, Sonny Clark, Art Taylor, Blue Mitchell, Walter Bishop Jr, Paul Chambers, Kenny Drew and Pete La Roca. New recruits include the under-rated but superbly talented writer and pianist Elmo Hope, Freddie Hubbard, of course one of the greatest trumpet players in jazz, Tommy Turrentine, brother of the perhaps better known Stanley, also on trumpet, Doug Watkins on bass and Billy Higgins at the drum stool. The wait is over, the promise fulfilled, more McLean has arrived!

1-6: ‘Lights Out!’
1. Lights Out
2. Up
3. Lorraine
4. A Foggy Day
5. Kerplunk
6. Inding
7-12 ‘A Fickle Sonance’
7. Five Will Get You Ten
8. Subdued
9. Sundu
10. A Fickle Sonance
11. Enitnerrut
12. Lost

1-6: ‘Capuchin Swing’
1. Francisco
2. Just For Now
3. Don’t Blame Me
4. Condition Blue
5. Capuchin Swing
6. On The Lion
7-12: ‘Bluesnik’
7. Bluesnik
8. Goin’ ‘Way Blues
9 . Drew’s Blues
10. Cool Green
11. Blues Function
12. Torchin’

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