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Bobby Vee: Four Classic Albums (Bobby Vee Sings Your Favorites / Bobby Vee / Take Good Care Of My Baby / A Bobby Vee Recording Session) (2CD)

Bobby Vee: Four Classic Albums (Bobby Vee Sings Your Favorites / Bobby Vee / Take Good Care Of My Baby / A Bobby Vee Recording Session) (2CD)

Ref: AMSC1262

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AVID Pop continues with its Four Classic Pop Albums series with a re-mastered 2CD release from Bobby Vee, complete with original artwork, liner notes and personnel details.
“Bobby Vee Sings Your Favorites”; “Bobby Vee”; “Take Good Care Of My Baby” and “A Bobby Vee Recording Session”
Robert Velline, otherwise known as Bobby Vee, was perhaps unfairly judged later in his career, as an early rock n roller who made the dreaded jump to pretty boy pop music. He went on to become a bona fide pop idol in the early sixties having a string of pop-tastic hit records, many of which you will hear on our fine selection. But isn’t that what Elvis did, also!? At least Mr Vee didn’t go on to make a string of “useless” movies which almost wiped out the Kings reputation in the sixties! In fact Bobby Vee, as you will hear, was certainly one of the better pop idols of the era, one who could actually sing! Here was a singer who had 38 Top 100 chart hits, 10 in the Top 20 and was awarded 6 Gold Singles during his career. But perhaps more importantly to me, here was a man who gave work to a struggling young ragamuffin called Elston Gunn when he was touring the States in his early days. Elston Gunn would of course go on to become Bob Dylan! And if Bob liked Mr Vee, that’s good enough for me! Sadly, Bobby Vee died only last year and he will be greatly missed. Another of the greats departs to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in the Sky.

1-12: ‘Bobby Vee Sings Your Favorites’
1. Devil Or Angel
2. Mr. Blue
3. Just A Dream
4. Since I Met You Baby
5. It’s All In The Game
6. You Send Me
7. Young Love
8. My Prayer
9. Sincerely
10. Gone
11. I’m Sorry
12. Everyday
13-25: ‘Bobby Vee’
13. Rubber Ball
14. Talk To Me Talk To Me
15. One Last Kiss
16. Angels In The Sky
17. Stayin’ In
18. Long Lonely Nights
19. Devil Or Angel
20. Poetry In Motion
21. More Than I Can Say
22. Mister Sandman
23. Foolish Tears
24. Love Love Love
25. My Love Loves Me

1-12: ‘Take Good Care Of My Baby’
1. Take Good Care Of My Baby
2. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
3. Remember Me Huh
4. He Will Break Your Heart
5. Who Am I
6. Run To Him
7. Walkin’ With My Angel
8. Raining In My Heart
9. Go On
10. Little Flame
11. So You’re In Love
12. Hark Is That A Cannon I Hear
13-24: ‘A Bobby Vee Recording Session’
13. What’s Your Name
14. My Golden Chance
15. You Better Move On
16. Please Don’t Ask About Barbara
17. Forget Me Not
18. Sharing You
19. In My Baby’s Eyes
20. Tenderly Yours
21. I Can’t Say Goodbye
22. Teardrops Fall Like Rain
23. Guess Who
24. A Forever Kind Of Love

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