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Lightnin’ Hopkins: Four Classic Albums (Sings The Blues / Lightnin’ Hopkins / Blues In My Bottle / Walkin’ This Road By Myself) (2CD)

Lightnin’ Hopkins: Four Classic Albums (Sings The Blues / Lightnin’ Hopkins / Blues In My Bottle / Walkin’ This Road By Myself) (2CD)

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AVID Roots continues with its Four Classic album series with a re-mastered 2CD Second Set release from Lightnin’ Hopkins, complete with original artwork and liner notes.
“Sings The Blues”; “Lightnin’ Hopkins”; “Blues In My Bottle” and “Walkin’ This Road by Myself”
It is not surprising that in an extraordinary musical career that lasted over 50 years, Sam Lightnin’ Hopkins became the most recorded of all the legendary bluesmen. Primarily a country blues singer and guitarist from the old tradition that included Robert Johnson, Blind Blake, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Charlie Patton, to name but a few, Lightnin’ outlasted them all to become quite literally a living legend when the blues revival hit the US and UK in the 1950s and ‘60s. He had met Blind Lemon Jefferson at the age of 8 which became a defining moment in his life, and went on to become his accompanist for a while. Just think of that for a moment? The history and the stories the man must have carried around inside his head! Lightnin’ had been trying to break into the recording business from the late 1930s but it wasn’t until the mid-1940s that he was discovered singing and playing in the streets in Houston and was signed to Aladdin Records of Los Angeles. Houston was to become his home base from then on. But of course, Lightnin’ had to earn money, life was very tough, especially for a black man in the USA. He became a prolific recording artist over the years and was one of the spearhead artists during the folk/ blues revival of the early 1960s. Our four fine selections include his album “Lightnin’ Hopkins” which saw Lightnin’ return to his roots with just a guitar and voice. Our album includes the rare, and lengthy original essay booklet written by legendary blues writer Samuel Charters and re-tells a fascinating story of his search to find Lightnin amongst his perhaps rightly suspicious associates and family before finally tracking the great man down. What followed was music playing by Lightnin’ as he used to be heard, just by himself with his guitar, the results as you will hear, are stunning!

1-12: ‘Sings The Blues’
1. Sis’ Boogie
2. Come Back Baby
3. Daddy Will You Be Home One Day
4. Baby You’re Not Going To Make A Fool Out Of Me
5. Morning Blues
6. Have To Let You Go
7. Let Me Play With Your Poodle
8. Down Baby
9. Fast Mail Rambler
10. Thinkin’ And Worryin’
11. Picture On The Wall
12. You’re Not Goin’ To Worry My Life Anymore
13-22: ‘Lightnin’ Hopkins’
13. Penitentiary Blues
14. Bad Luck And Trouble
15. Come Go Home With Me
16. Trouble Stay ‘Way From My Door
17. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
18. Goin’ Back To Florida
19. Reminiscences of Blind Lemon
20. Fan It
21. Tell Me Baby
22. She’s Mine

1-11: ‘Blues In My Bottle’
1. Buddy Brown’s Blues
2. Wine Spodee-O Dee
3. Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On
4. DC-7
5. Death Bells
6. Goin’ To Dallas To See My Pony Run
7. Jailhouse Blues
8. Blues In The Bottle
9. Beans, Beans, Beans
10. Catfish Blues
11. My Grandpa Is Old Too
12-21: ‘Walkin’ This Road By Myself’
12. Walkin’ This Road By Myself
13. Black Gal
14. How Many More Years I Got To Let You Dog Me Round
15. Baby Don’t You Tear My Clothes
16. Worried Life Blues
17. Happy Blues For John Glenn
18. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
19. The Devil Jumped The Black Man
20. Coffee Blues
21. Black Cadillac

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