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John Graas: Four Classic Albums (French Horn Music / John Graas / Jazzmantics / Premiere In Jazz) (2CD)

John Graas: Four Classic Albums (French Horn Music / John Graas / Jazzmantics / Premiere In Jazz) (2CD)

Ref: AMSC1242

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AVID Jazz continues with its Four Classic album series with a re-mastered 2CD release from John Graas, complete with original artwork and liner notes.
“French Horn Jazz”; “John Graas”; “Jazzmantics” and “Premiere in Jazz”
John Graas began his musical education in the classical arena before becoming interested in the field of jazz music. His 1940’s were spent moving in and out of both musical arenas playing with such as outfits as the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Claude Thornhill’s Orchestra, Tex Beneke’s big band and the Army Air Corps. In the fifties he joined the great Stan Kenton orchestra and played with amongst others, Maynard Ferguson, Billy May, Pete Rugolo, Shorty Rogers, Mel Lewis and Gerry Mulligan. His pursuit of a blend of classical and jazz music pre-dated the movement known as Third Stream and later chamber jazz. Not only was he renowned as a great composer and arranger but he was one of the few greats to help introduce and instrument into the jazz canon, namely the French horn. Sadly, John Graas died suddenly at age 45 of a heart attack. But his music, of course lives on…enjoy.

1-12: ‘French Horn Music’
1. Lady Like
2. Egypt
3. Argyles
4. Blue Haze
5. Pyramid
6. 6/4 Trend
7. Not Exactly
8. Cordova
9. Be My Guest
10. Frappe
11. Bananera
12. Sequence
13-20: ‘John Graas’
13. Van Nuys Indeed
14. Development
15. Land Of Broken Toys
16. Swing Nicely
17. Walking Shoes
18. Blues Street
19. Rogeresque
20. Blocksounds

1-10: ‘Jazzmantics’
1. Midnight Sun
2. Petite Poem
3. Jazz Overture
4. Jazz Chorale
5. Will Success Spoil Rock ‘N’ Roll?
6. You And The Night And The Music
7. Inch Worm
8. Flip-Tip
9. ID
10. Let’s Fall In Love
11-15: ‘Premiere In Jazz’
11. Jazz Symphony No. 1: First Movement- Allegro Moderato
12. Jazz Symphony No. 1: Second Movement-Andante / Third Movement-Alleretto / Fourth Movement-Scherzo
13. Jazz Chaconne No.1: Chaconne, Part 1
14. Jazz Chaconne No.1: Chaconne, Part 2 (Medium Fast)
15. Jazz Chaconne No.1: Chaconne, Part 3 (Slow in 6/4)

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