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Larry Young: Four Classic Albums (Forrest Fire / Groove Street / Testifying / Young Blues) (2CD)

Larry Young: Four Classic Albums (Forrest Fire / Groove Street / Testifying / Young Blues) (2CD)

Ref: AMSC1204

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AVID Jazz continues with its Four Classic album series with a re-mastered 2CD release of by or featuring Larry Young, complete with original artwork and liner notes.
Jimmy Forrest “Forrest Fire”; “Groove Street”; “Testifying” and “Young Blues”
We guess you could say young by name and young by nature for this next artist in our Classic album series. Hammond organist and pianist Larry Young started his career very young playing with the likes of Lou Donaldson, Kenny Dorham, Hank Mobley, Tommy Turrentine and Jimmy Forrest with whom he cut our first selection “Forest Fire” at the tender age of 20! In fact while still only 20 he would then begin to cut his own albums as featured here. Larry Young was certainly influenced by the great Jimmy Smith and his early albums are more orientated to the soul jazz sound as pioneered by Smith. It wasn’t until later in the 1960’s that he would participate in the pioneering of modal jazz as played by Miles and Coltrane amongst others while recording his classic sides for Blue Note. He would then, later, of course go on to play in the fusion bands of Miles Davis, notably “Bitches Brew” and even jammed with Jimi Hendrix. Larry Young died at the tragically early age of 38 from unknown causes after checking himself into hospital with stomach pains and being treated for pneumonia.

1-6: ‘Forrest Fire’
1. Remember
2. Dexter’s Deck
3. Jim’s Jam’s
4. Bag’s Groove
5. When Your Lover Has Gone
6. Help!
7-11: ‘Groove Street’
7. Groove Street
8. I Found A New Baby
9. Sweet Lorraine
10. Gettin’ Into It
11. Talkin’ ‘Bout J

1-7: ‘Testifying’
1. Testifying
2. When I Grow Too Old To Dream
3. Exercise For Chihuahuas
4. Falling In Love With You
5. Some Thorny Blues
6. Wee Dot
7. Flamingo
8-13: ‘Young Blues’
8. Young Blues
9. A Midnight Angel
10. African Blues
11. Minor Dream
12. Something New, Something Blue
13. Nica’s Dream

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