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Tiny Grimes: Three Classic Albums Plus (Blues Groove / Callin’ The Blues / Big Time Guitar) (2CD)

Tiny Grimes: Three Classic Albums Plus (Blues Groove / Callin’ The Blues / Big Time Guitar) (2CD)

Ref: AMSC1188

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AVID Jazz continues with its Three Classic album plus series with a re-mastered 2CD release by Tiny Grimes, complete with original artwork and liner notes.
“Blues Groove” with Coleman Hawkins, Callin’ The Blues”, “Big Time Guitar” plus 5 of 6 tracks from “Tiny In Swingville” with Jerome Richardson
This has to be a first for Avid! Our first album to feature a jazz musician who played in a jazz band in a kilt. Not all the time, of course, but in the late 40’s when as Tiny “Mac” Grimes and the Rocky Highlanders, he had a minor hit with a jazzed up version of “Loch Lomond”! Fortunately, or perhaps not, this classic does not appear on any of our featured albums! Lloyd “Tiny” Grimes was perhaps a little unsung in the annals of jazz but he was a fine jazz and R&B guitarist possibly best remembered for playing a four string electric guitar. Grimes began his jazz career playing drums and one finger piano before discovering the guitar in 1938 and teaching himself to play, as he had with his other instruments. Tiny Grimes was a well -respected guitar player both as leader and sideman and this is reflected in the calibre of musicians he played with. Some of these include jazz legends like Charlie Parker, Art Tatum, Billie Holiday, Coleman Hawkins, Iliinois Jacquet, Roy Eldridge and Earl Hines.

1-5: ‘Blues Groove’
1. Marchin’ Along
2. A Smooth One
3. Blues Wail
4. April In Paris
5. Soul Station
6. Homesick from Tiny In Swingville
7. Frankie And Johnnie from Tiny In Swingville
8. Down With It from Tiny In Swingville
9. Ain’t Misbehavin’ from Tiny In Swingville
10. Durn Tootin from Tiny In Swingville

1-4: ‘Callin’ The Blues’
1. Callin’ The Blues
2. Blue Tiny
3. Grimes’ Times
4. Air Mail Special
5-15: ‘Big Time Guitar’
5. Do It Yourself Blues
6. Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe
7. Work Song
8. Lullaby Of The Leaves
9. I’m Beginning To See The Light
10. Blue Morocco
11. I’m Getting Sentimental Over You
12. Satin Doll
13. Dreamy
14. Red Rooster Ruckus
15. Coffee Break

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