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Woody Herman: Four Classic Albums (The Herd Rides Again In Stereo / The Fourth Herd / Swing Low, Sweet Clarinet / At The Monterey Jazz Festival) (2CD)

Woody Herman: Four Classic Albums (The Herd Rides Again In Stereo / The Fourth Herd / Swing Low, Sweet Clarinet / At The Monterey Jazz Festival) (2CD)

Ref: AMSC1166

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New Series:- Phase Compensated Stereo; revealing hidden qualities of stereo sound.
“The Herd Rides Again In Stereo”; “The Fourth Herd”; “Woody Herman Quartet: Swing Low Sweet Clarinet” and “Woody Herman’s Big New Herd: At The Monterey Jazz Festival”
First up, the return of the Herd for “The Herd Rides Again In Stereo” ten or so years after the First Herd roared across America between the years 1945-1948. Original members like Chuck Jackson are joined by the likes of Bob Brookmeyer who had played with the Herd for 7 weeks way back in 1952 and other fine musicians like Billy Bauar, Nat Pierce, Al Cohn and Don Lamond. A year later and another reunion of sorts as “The Fourth Herd” stampede into town! This time, however, we have a band playing within a band!? That is, an octet featuring Woody Herman, Zoot Sims, Nat Adderley, Eddie Costa and the big band rhythm section all basking in the “inspiring warmth” of the big orchestra”. “All we do is try to create some kind of mood and hope somebody digs it…..there’s nothing I can tell you really”. So says Woody Herman in the original liner notes to our third selection, “Swing Low Sweet Clarinet” from 1960. In fact, there are a few things he can tell us as he goes on to be further quoted in the liner notes, catch this! “It’s the first time I’ve played clarinet for more than eight bars in years…….Making this album was very much fun, all the way….We had a ball…it is very well recorded…..the guys are the rhythm section that’s been with me for quite a while…..we work well together”. And to conclude with a timely quote that could be just as appropriate today as it was then ………”There is a need for a lot more, good, honest, uncomplicated, and uncompromising music. We’ve got some of it here and it’s good to listen to whatever your mood”. It’s back to 1959 and “Woody Herman’s Big New Herd At The Monterey Jazz Festival”. An impressive festival needed an impressive orchestra and that is exactly what it got with The Woody Herman Festival Orchestra, created both to accompany other performing artists and perform as a stand - alone jazz unit by itself. “I wish I could take this band on the road” cried Herman from the stage during one of his legendary Saturday performances. “Everyone agreed it was one of the greatest bands Woody had ever stood before”. And if that isn’t enough proof, here’s a quote from the guy who wrote the liner notes, one of the great American writers on jazz, Ralph J Gleason. “Monterey 1959 was one of the greatest musical experiences of my life, and it would seem that of a lot of other people. Musicians like JJ Johnson, Mel Lewis and Woody Herman apparently felt the same way”

1-12: ‘The Herd Rides Again In Stereo’
1. Northwest Passage
2. Caldonia
3. Wild Root
4. The Good Earth
5. Blowin’ Up A Storm
6. It’s Coolin’ Time
7. I Cover The Waterfront
8. Crazy Rhythm
9. Sinbad The Sailor
10. Fire Island
11. Black Orchid
12. Bijou
13-24: ‘The Fourth Herd’
13. Panatela
14. Lament For Linda
15. Misery, Stay Way From My Door
16. In A Misty Mood
17. Catty’ Corner
18. The Thirteenth Instant
19. The Magpie
20. Blues For Indian Jim
21. The Devil And The Stoker
22. The Swing Machine
23. Summer Nights
24. Johnny On The Spot

1-12: ‘Swing Low, Sweet Clarinet’
1. Swing Low, Sweet Clarinet
2. Rose Room
3. Sweet Lorraine
4. Blue Moon
5. Begin The Beguine
6. Pee Wee Blues
7. Don’t Be That Way
8. Someday Sweetheart
9. Mood Indigo
10. Summit Ridge Drive
11. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
12. Alexandra
13-18: ‘At The Monterey Jazz Festival’
13. Four Brothers
14. Like Some Blues Man
15. Skoobeedoobee
16. Monterey Apple Tree
17. Skylark
18. The Magpie

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