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Teddi King / Carol Sloane / Morgana King: Five Classic Albums (Storyville Presents Miss Teddi King / George Wein Presents Now In Vogue / Live At 30th Street / Out Of The Blue / Folk Songs A La King) (2CD)

Teddi King / Carol Sloane / Morgana King: Five Classic Albums (Storyville Presents Miss Teddi King / George Wein Presents Now In Vogue / Live At 30th Street / Out Of The Blue / Folk Songs A La King) (2CD)

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AVID Jazz presents five classic albums from three classic and classy ladies, Teddi King, Carol Sloane and Morgana King, including original liner notes on a finely re-mastered and low priced double CD.
Teddi King -”Storyville Presents Miss Teddi King”; George Wein Presents Teddi King “Now In Vogue”; Carol Sloane- “Live at 30th Street”; and “Out of the Blue” and Morgana King - “Folk Songs A La King”
TEDDI KING - For our second offering from Boston born vocalist Teddi King (see AMSC1059) we present her in the company of albums by two other high class female vocalists………….another King and a Sloane! That’s Morgana King, also on her second outing for Avid (see AMSC1021) and the perhaps less well known but equally talented Miss Carol Sloane. For our Teddi King selections we have gone back to the start of her career in 1954 for her second album release “Storyville Presents Miss Teddi King”. Teddi had of course been heard on record two years earlier singing with the famed British pianist George Shearing. For her second album she is joined by Jimmy Jones on piano, Milt Hinton on bass, Ruby Braff on trumpet and Ellington percussionist, Jo Jones on drums-not a bad line up! For our second selection “Now In Vogue” Teddi is joined by a larger line up including Billy Taylor, piano, Bobby Brookmeyer, trombone, Nick Travis, trumpet, Milt Hinton, bass, Sol Schlinger, baritone sax, Gene Quill, alto sax and Osie Johnson on drums. To get a flavour of what Miss King sounds like here, we refer to a quote from the original liner notes….. “Teddi is a throwback to the earlier great singers of jazz, where the emphasis was on communication of the words, of the mood, and the approach was a thoroughly direct one that avoided too much self –conscious action in vocalistics or tricks. …..singing with a minimum of vibrato and always with a strong sense of beat and rhythm, with fine control, pitch and projection. Teddi has a sense of economy that is a good test of creative jazz singing and playing.” We think that’s a pretty good assessment!! CAROL SLOANE - And so to Miss Carol Sloane….”The Exciting Discovery of the Newport Festival” as it reads under the title of her debut album “Out Of The Blue”. To read the opening lines of the original liner notes to this album, referring to her performance at the Newport Jazz Festival, is to get very excited at the prospect of hearing this young lady sing! “It was something we hadn’t expected. The time was about six p.m of a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon. Most of us……..had grown hungry and restless. We’d been standing or sitting….. listening to some of the “lesser” artists….some had been pretty good, some had been pretty nothing”. “Then she started to sing”. “Those who’d begun to leave looked around. She sounded pretty good. And she looked very pretty. We looked some more. And we listened. And the more we listened, the more we began to realize that Carol Sloane was an exceptionally exciting singer”. Don’t you just want to hear this lady for yourselves??!! We could go on but really you should read the rest for yourself after you have purchased this fine 2CD set! The line- up for this date backing Miss Sloane includes Bob Brookmeyer on trombone, Barry Galbraith and Jim Hall on guitars, Art Davis and George Duvivier on bass and the legendary Clark Terry on flugelhorn. Fast forward to 1962 and we are in the Columbia Recording Studios on East 30th Street, New York City for a live recording “Live at 30th Street”. According to the original liner notes, Carols first album “Out of the Blue” had been a “smash” but she was “not entirely happy at the sessions…….she missed the intimate murmur of voices, the soft tinkle of glasses…..and the sweet reassuring applause of the clubs she was used to working in”. So to the answer, a studio album before a live invited studio audience with a pianist, Bill Rubenstein, a bass player, George Duvivier, a guitarist, Bucky Pizzarelli, and a drummer, Sol Gubin. And the result? To quote again from the original liner notes..” She laughed breathlessly at the enthusiastic applause that greeted the finish of the song” “I don’t know why all record dates aren’t like this” she said “with all your friends and everything” And she grinned happily”. MORGANA KING - “My conception of folk music is one thing. What’s being put down today is another”. So said Morgana King at the beginning of the original liner notes to “Folk Songs A La King” our final selection. “We’ve tried to make it musical again” she continued “Folk music has roots and stems….like the blues”. Accompanied by Chuck Wayne on guitar and Ernie Furtado on bass this album seeks to redress the balance and succeeds admirably.“They tried to keep the attitude of the song while giving it sound musical quality”…….they explored each tune for the best possible showcase for the song…because the blues belongs in the book of folk music, and the trio-good jazzmen all, respects the blues for its never ending heart”. And heart is just what this group pours into everything it does’.
All five albums have been digitally re-mastered

1-8: ‘Teddi King: Storyville Presents Miss Teddi King’
1. I Saw Stars
2. Love Is A Now And Then Thing
3. New Orleans
4. It’s The Talk Of The Town
5. I Guess I’ll Have To Change My Plan
6. It’s All In The Mind
7. Love Is Here To Stay
8. Spring Won’t Be Around This Season
9-20: ‘Teddi King: George Wein Presents Now In Vogue’
9. Why Do You Suppose
10. Over The Rainbow
11. This Is Always
12. Fools Fall In Love
13. I Didn’t Know About You
14. I’m In The Market For You
15. You Hit The Spot
16. Something to Live For
17. You Can Depend On Me
18. Old Folks
19. Like A Ship Without A Sail
20. You Turned the Tables on Me
21-26: ‘Carol Sloane: Live At 30th Street’
21. Chicago
22. Love Walked In
23. Spring Is Here
24. Taking A Chance On Love
25. My Melancholy Baby
26. On The Street Where You Live

1-6: ‘Carol Sloane: Live At 30th Street’
1. Basin Street Blues
2. In A Sentimental Mood
3. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
4. Never Never Land
5. Stars Fell On Alabama
6. It Never Entered My Mind
7-17: ‘Carol Sloane: Out of the Blue’
7. Prelude To A Kiss
8. Aren’t You Glad
9. Little Girl Blue
10. Who Cares
11. My Ship
12. Will You Still Be Mine
13. The More I See You
14. Deep Purple
15. Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries
16. My Silent Love
17. Night and Day
18-31: ‘Morgana King: Folk Songs A La King’
18. Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be
19. Loch Lomond
20. Ev’rybody Loves Saturday Night
21. Chilly Winds
22. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
23. Greensleeves
24. Goodnight Irene
25. I’m On My Way
26. Oh, I Wish I Were In Love Again
27. My Love Is A Wanderer
28. I Know Where I’m Going
29. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
30. Hush Little Baby
31. Time for Sleeping (Fa La Nana Bambini)

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