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Slim Gaillard: The Extrovert Spirit Of Slim Gaillard 1945-1958 (Includes Slim Gaillard Rides Again) (2CD)

Slim Gaillard: The Extrovert Spirit Of Slim Gaillard 1945-1958 (Includes Slim Gaillard Rides Again) (2CD)

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AVID Jazz presents classic songs from Slim Gaillard we have titled “The Extrovert Spirit of Slim Gaillard 1945-1958”, including original LP liner notes on a finely re-mastered and low priced double CD.
Alright orenee, where do you start with this guy Slim Gaillard?? As mad as Spike Jones or Spike Milligan……..or maybe even madder! We present some crazy music from the man himself, including tracks from the following “The Vout Orenee Man”; “Opera in Vout”; “Slim Gaillard Rides Again” and “Smorgasbord... Help Yourself!” Where it all fits into the jazz landscape is anybodys guess, you pay’s your money and you takes your choice! Here’s a few quotes from the original liner notes to help you on your way! “Most people know and relish Slim Gaillard’s genius for musical slapstick”, “This is a goulash of funny songs salted here and there with some straight cooking instrumental blues and resembling nothing else you’ve heard before”. And we think this last one sums up the whole gig! “Here is Slim Gaillard’s “Smorgasbord” you take your choice and you have your fun”.
All songs have been digitally re-mastered

1. Vout Orenee
2. Slim’s Boogie
3. Harlem Hunch
4. Travelin’ Blues
5. Cement Mixer
6. Scotchin’ With The Soda
7. Dizzy’s Boogie
8. Flat Foot Floogie
9. Poppity Pop
10. Slim’s Jam
11. That Ain’t Right
12. Riff City
13. Mean Mama Blues
14. School Kids’ Hop
15. The Groove Juice Symphony - a) Hit That Jive Jack / b) C Jam Blues / c) Flat Foot Floogie / d) Big Noise From Winnetka
16. Arabian Boogie
17. Tip Light
18. Mama’s in The Kitchen
19. I Don’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You
20. Down By The Station
21. Communications
22. Laughing In Rhythm from yourself!
23. Soony-Roony from yourself!
24. Oh, Lady Be Good from yourself!
25. Sabroso from yourself!

1. Babalu from yourself!
2. Yo Yo Yo from yourself!
3. For You from yourself!
4. Yip Roc Heresy from yourself!
5. The Hip Cowboy from yourself!
6. Chicken Rhythm from yourself!
7. St. Louis Blues from yourself!
8. I Know What To Do from yourself!
9. Taxpayers Blues from yourself!
10. Eatin’ With Boogie from yourself!
11. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love from yourself!
12. Potato Chips from yourself!
13. I’m In The Mood For Love from yourself!
14. Mishugana Mambo from yourself!
15-27: ‘Slim Gaillard Rides Again’
15. Oh, Lady Be Good
16. I Don’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You
17. How High The Moon
18. Slim’s Cee
19. One Minute Of Flamenco For The Three Minutes
20. Chicken Rhythm
21. I Love You
22. Tall And Slim
23. My Blue Heaven
24. Thunderbird
25. Walkin’ And Cookin’ Blues
26. Sukiyaki Cha Cha
27. Don’t Blame Me

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