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Jack Parnell: Two Classic Albums Plus Two Ep’s (Trip To Mars / Jack Parnell Selection / Parnell On Parade / Kick Off!) (2CD)

Jack Parnell: Two Classic Albums Plus Two Ep’s (Trip To Mars / Jack Parnell Selection / Parnell On Parade / Kick Off!) (2CD)

Ref: AMSC1016

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AVID Jazz here presents two classic Jack Parnell albums plus two classic E.P’s plus 27 additional recordings including the complete recorded output of
The Vic Lewis and Jack Parnell Jazzmen and previously unissued recordings of Kenny Bakers Swing Group featuring Jack Parnell. Including original
LP and E.P. liner notes on a finely re-mastered and low priced double CD.
To coin a phrase from one of the featured E.P’s in our new release, we certainly do have a parade of Parnells for your entertainment! On “Trip to Mars”
Jack is joined by some of the finest musicians in the country including Ronnie Scott, Kenny Graham, trumpeter Jimmy Deuchar, Harry Klein, Sammy
Stokes and Phil Seaman on hand as second drummer when Jack takes over vocal or conducting duties! You will also hear the famous drum duets
between Jack and Phil on “The Champ” and “Skin Deep”! On “Parnell on Parade” we can hear Jack really going at his kit on all four tracks backed by a
tremendously hard hitting band including Don Honeywell on baritone sax. The E.P features two standards and two “Eastern” style numbers all
performed in the inimitable Parnell style. On “Kick Off” Jack makes a rather telling quote on the original liner notes…… “To my mind, if you don’t
have a good drummer you don’t have a good band! It’s the drummer who knits the band together”. Well you can hear some mighty fine knitting on the
four tracks featured on this E.P where Jack is joined by such British jazzmen as Laddy Busby, Bob Burns, Max Harris, Joe Temperley, Ronnie Simonds
and Kenny Napper. On hand once again to join Jack on another stunning drum duet “Kick Off” is the amazing Phil Seamen! So this is the AVID tribute
to a late great and perhaps under-rated jazzman who may have been better known to the wider public for his light entertainment roles, but really at heart
was a true jazz man!
Jack Parnell we salute you!

1-10: ‘Trip To Mars’
1. The Hawk Talks
2. Sure Thing
3. The Carioca
4. April in Paris
5. Cottontail
6. Catherine Wheel
7. Trip to Mars
8. Summertime featuring Jimmy Deuchar (trumpet)
9. The Champ featuring drum duet by Jack Parnell and Phil Seamen
10. Skin Deep featuring drum duet by Jack Parnell and Phil Seamen
11-26: ‘Vic Lewis and Jack Parnell Jazzmen (complete recordings)’
11. Johnny’s Idea
12. Mean Old Bed Bug Blues (Vocalist: Vic Lewis)
13. Jazz Band Jump
14. I’m Coming Virginia
15. Jazz Men Blues
16. Ja-Da Scat (vocalist: Vic Lewis)
17. Why Begin Again? (Pastel Blue)
18. Sugar
19. Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby? (Vocalist: Vic Lewis)
20. That’s A-Plenty
21. Ugly Chile (Vocalist: Vic Lewis)
22. Indiana
23. Someday Sweetheart
24. Get Happy
25. Singin’ The Blues
26. Prince Of Wails

1-4: ‘Parnell on Parade’
1. When The Saints Go Marching featuring “Red” Price (tenor
2. Sugarfoot Stomp
3. East Meets West
4. Twilight In Turkey featuring Don Honeywell (baritone saxophone)
5-8: ‘Kick off!’
5. Kick Off featuring drum duet by Jack Parnell and Phil Seamen
6. Topaz featuring Laddie Busby (trombone)
7. Fuller Bounce
8. Knock Out
9-10: ‘Kenny Baker’s Swing Group’
9. Dixon’s Dilemma (previously unissued)
10. Blue Lou (previously unissued)
11-18: ‘Jack Parnell Selection’
11. Quickie
12. Jukebox Jumba
13. Old Man Re-Bop
14. Sweet Lorraine (Vocalist: Jack Parnell)
15. Scrubber Time
16. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
17. On The Alamo
18. I’ll Never Be The Same
19-22: Jack Parnell and His Quartet:
19. Soft Noodles
20. Just You, Just Me
21. Can’t We Be Friends?
22. Stompin’ At The Savoy
23-28: Bonus tracks
23. The White Suit Samba (Vocalist: Jack Parnell)
24. Route 66 (Vocalists: Jack Parnell and The Sapphires)
25. A Sky Blue Shirt and a Rainbow Tie (Vocalist: Jack Parnell)
26. Shake, Rattle and Roll (Vocalists: Jack Parnell and The Crackerjacks)
27. Topsy
28. The Golden Striker

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