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D'Oyly Carte Opera Company: Gilbert & Sullivan: Princess Ida & Patter Songs (2CD)

D'Oyly Carte Opera Company: Gilbert & Sullivan: Princess Ida & Patter Songs (2CD)

Ref: AMSC898

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AVID Entertainment is proud to present another in our occasional series of Gilbert & Sullivan releases; Princess Ida & Patter Songs
Opening at the Savoy Theatre in 1884, this work was produced between Iolanthe and the Mikado when G & S were at the height of their powers and was widely admired for its score and libretto. Revived in 1954 by the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company this recording, which has been expertly re-mastered, was recorded shortly after.
Alongside Princess Ida we also include Patter Songs featuring Mr Nelson Eddy with Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Robert Armbruster. Patter songs were so named after Mr Gilbert’s formula for lyric writing which included vocabulary full of polysyllables and satire and the ridiculous rhyming of pedantic words. Not particularly admired by his partner Mr Sullivan, it must be said! Our re-mastered recording features an expert in the art of the Patter song, Mr Nelson Eddy a huge star of stage, screen and record at the time.

2. Search Throughout The Panorama
3. Now Hearken To My Strict Command
4. Today We Meet, My Baby Bride And I
5. From The Distant Panorama, We Are Warriors Three
6. If You Give Me Your Attention
7. P’raps If You Address The Lady
8. Come Cyril, Florian Expressive Glances
9. Must We, Till Then, In Prison Cell Be Thrust? For A Month To Dwell In A Dungeon Cell
10. Towards The Empyrean Heights
11. Mighty Maiden With A Mission
12. Minerva, Oh Hear Me
13. Gently, Gently, Evidently
14. They Intend To Send A Wire To The Moon
15. I Am A Maiden, Cold And Stately
16. The World Is But A Broken Toy
17. A Lady Fair Of Lineage High (The Ape And The Lady)
18. The Woman Of The Wisest Wit
19. Now Wouldn’t You Like To Rule The Roast?
20. Merrily Ring The Luncheon Bell
21. Would You Know The Kind Of Maid?
22. Finale

1. Death To The Invader!
2. I Built Upon A Rock
3. Whene’er I Spoke
4. When Anger Spreads His Wing
5. This Helmet, I Suppose
6. This Is Our Duty Plain
7. Final: With Joy Abiding
8. My Object All Sublime
9. Oh! A Private Buffoon
10. Lord Chancellor’s Song
11. My Name Is John Wellington Wells
12. I Am The Monarch Of The Sea
13. When I Was A Lad
14. Major General’s Song
15. When A Felon’s Not Engaged In His Employment
16. When The Foeman Bares His Steel
17. If You’re Anxious For To Shine
18.When I Good Friends
19. My Boy You May Take It From Me
20. Rising Early In The Morning
21. If You Give Me Your Attention
22. When E’er I Spoke

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