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Coleman Hawkins: Dutch Treat (CD)

Coleman Hawkins: Dutch Treat (CD)

Ref: AMSC638

(UK Postage Free )


1. Some Of These Days
2. After You've Gone
3. I Only Have Eyes For You
4. I Wish I Were Twins
5. Hands Across The Table
6. Chicago
7. Meditation
8. What Harlem Is To Me
9. Netcha's Dream
10. I Wanna Go Back To Harlem
11. Consolation
12. A Strange Fact
13. Original Dixieland One-Step
14. Smiles
15. Something Is Gonna Give Me Away
16. Lamentation
17. Devotion
18. Stardust
19. Well All Right Then
20. Blues Evermore
21. Dear Old Southland
22. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
23. I Know That You Know
24. When Buddha Smiles
25. Swingin' In The Groove

Truly collectors editions, these 2 CD's both contain the same tracks but were recorded during different sessions.

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