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Karaoke To The Music Of The Beatles & The Rolling Stones (DVD)

Karaoke To The Music Of The Beatles & The Rolling Stones (DVD)

Ref: AVDVD047

(UK Postage Free )


Now here's a couple of bands that could go far...Karaoke market leaders Avid Entertainment have taken some of the best songs from these two up and coming bands and put them together to create.... Karaoke to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones... not only is that probably the longest title for a karaoke release ever... but is also one of our best!
Special features: Blue screen option; Vocal version; Karaoke version; Backing version

1. The Beatles - Ticket To Ride*
2. The Rolling Stones - Satisfaction*
3. The Beatles - Yesterday*
4. The Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday*
5. The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever*
6. The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash*
7. The Beatles - Get Back*
8. The Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Woman*
9. The Beatles - Let It Be*
10. The Rolling Stones - Angie*

* denotes the artist that made the song a classic

Blue Screen Option
Three Different Audio Tracks
(Vocal Version, Karaoke Version, Backing Version)

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