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Anita O’Day: Four Classic Albums Plus (Pick Yourself Up / Cool Heat / Incomparable / Waiter, Make Mine Blues) (2CD)

Anita O’Day: Four Classic Albums Plus (Pick Yourself Up / Cool Heat / Incomparable / Waiter, Make Mine Blues) (2CD)

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AVID Jazz presents four classic Anita O’Day albums including original LP liner notes on a finely re-mastered and low priced double CD.
“Pick Yourself Up”; “Cool Heat”; “Incomparable”; “Waiter, Make Mine Blues” plus two tracks from the soundtrack of “Jazz on a Summers Day”.
Avid are delighted to release a second volume from one our top selling artists, the “incomparable” Miss Anita O’Day. Quotes from the original liner notes from all four of our selections more than do justice in describing this unique vocalist! From “Pick Yourself Up” …..”there was a time…..that I used to listen to all other singers and musicians…..I thought that was a good way of keeping up with….the music scene……..I feel that now I’ve got my own style and I don’t want to be influenced….by what other people are doing” and ……”Anita herself is so vitally concerned with musicianship in her singing she is also a stickler for getting the best musicians and arrangements behind her”. Here’s a few she chose for this set….Barney Kessel, Ted Nash, Shelly Manne, Pete and Conte Candoli, Stan Getz, Bud Shank, Jimmy Guiffre and Jim Hall! From “Cool Heat”………..”by its very gentleness and supple lyricism, this is a unique Anita O’Day album. Her singing is no less ardent or swinging…..but for the first time in several years……..a whole program has been given over to …..her capacity to concentrate her emotion, to underplay, and to swing softly”. From “Incomparable”……If improvisation is at the heart of jazz, then Anita O’Day is at the heart of vocal improvisation. Imaginative invention springs forth in a great stream, no matter what the tune or the tempo, resulting in jazz statements that are always exciting, always listenable, always musical and highly personal, placing her in a category all by herself”. “There are imitators-and good ones-but the constant surprises, the relaxed, swinging air Anita exudes in her performances place her miles ahead of the competition” or in other words, as the album title suggests, “Incomparable”!! Finally from “Waiter, Make Mine Blues”……”Anita O’Day sounds like no other living singer ….she has won her fair share of polls and enjoyed her measure of public recognition. Most important of all, though, she has remained a musician at heart, and has always been respected by fellow musicians”
All four albums have been digitally re-mastered.

1-12: ‘Pick Yourself Up’
1. Don’t Be That Way
2. Let’s Face The Music And Dance
3. I Never Had A Chance
4. Stompin’ At The Savoy
5. Pick Yourself Up
6. Stars Fell On Alabama
7. Sweet Georgia Brown
8. I Won’t Dance
9. Man With A Horn
10. I Used To Be Color Blind
11. There’s A Lull In My Life
12. Let’s Begin
13-24: ‘Cool Heat’
13. Mack The Knife
14. Easy Come, Easy Go
15. Orphan Annie
16. You’re A Clown
17. Gone With The Wind
18. Hooray For Hollywood
19. It Had To Be You
20. Come Rain Or Come Shine
21. Hershey Bar
22. A Lover Is Blue
23. My Heart Belongs To Daddy
24. The Way You Look Tonight
25. Sweet Georgia Brown from Jazz On A Summers Days
26. Tea For Two from Jazz On A Summers Days

1-12: ‘Incomparable’
1. It Could Happen To You
2. Blue Champagne
3. Avalon
4. Old Devil Moon
5. The Party’s Over
6. Why Shouldn’t I?
7. Easy Living
8. Can’t We Be Friends
9. Slaughter On 10th Avenue
10. If I Love Again
11. Speak Low
12. Indian Summer
13-24: ‘Waiter, Make Mine Blues’
13. That Old Feeling
14. Angel Eyes
15. The Thrill Is Gone
16. Detour Ahead
17. Yesterdays
18. Waiter, Make Mine Blues
19. Whatever Happened To You
20. When Sonny Gets Blue
21. Stella By Starlight
22. Mad About The Boy
23. A Blues Serenade
24. Goodbye

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