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Vic Dickenson: Five Classic Albums Plus (Vic Dickenson Septet #1 / #2 / #3 / #4 / Mainstream Jazz) (2CD)

Vic Dickenson: Five Classic Albums Plus (Vic Dickenson Septet #1 / #2 / #3 / #4 / Mainstream Jazz) (2CD)

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AVID Jazz here presents five classic Vic Dickenson related albums plus, including original LP liner notes on a finely re-mastered and low priced double CD.
Vic Dickenson was a jazz man from the old school, a trombonist born in 1906 he had come up playing with the big bands including Count Basie. Hooking up with legendary producer John Hammond the two went on to produce a series of recordings that firmly set Dickenson in the “mainstream” category of jazz, somewhere between old school and bebop (a movement he had yet to embrace). We feature a host of Vic Dickenson music including Volumes 1-4 featuring the Vic Dickenson Septet, the album “Mainstream Jazz”with Vic playing in the Andy Gibson Orchestra, 2 tracks from “Mainstream” featuring the Vic Dickenson All Star Group, , 4 tracks with Louis Armstrong’s Hot Seven and finally 3 tracks with Scatman Crothers.
Among the fine musicians accompanying Dickenson on his musical journey are Ruby Braff, Shad Collins, Jo Jones, Milt Hinton, Kenny Burrell, Jimmy Jones, Buck Clayton and Edmund Hall.
All five albums plus have been digitally re-mastered

1-2: ‘Vic Dickenson Septet Vol 1’
1. Russian Lullaby
2. Jeepers Creepers
3-5: ‘Vic Dickenson Septet Vol 2’
3. I Cover The Waterfront
4. Sir Charles At Home
5. Keepin’ Out Of Mischief Now
6-9: ‘Vic Dickenson Septet Vol 3’
6. When You And I Were Young, Maggie
7. You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me
8. Everybody Loves My Baby
9. Nice Work If You Can Get It
10-11: ‘Vic Dickenson Septet Vol 4’
10. Suspension Blues
11. Runnin’ Wild

1: ‘Vic Dickenson Septet Vol 4’
1. Old Fashioned Love
2. Undecided from Mainstream
3. The Lamp Is Low from Mainstream
4. I Want A Little Girl - Louis Armstrong And His Hot Seven (single)
5. Sugar - Louis Armstrong And His Hot Seven (single)
6. Blues For Yesterday - Louis Armstrong And His Hot Seven (single)
7. Blues In The South - Louis Armstrong And His Hot Seven (single)
8-11: ‘Mainstream Jazz’
8. Blueprint
9. I Got Nothing But You
10. Bedroom Eyes
11. Give The Lady What She Wants Most
12. Riff’s Blues - Scatman Crothers (single)
13. The Thing - Scatman Crothers (single)
14. Dead Man’s Blues - Scatman Crothers (single)

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