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Mike Sammes Singers: 'It Had To Be You' (CD)

Mike Sammes Singers: 'It Had To Be You' (CD)

Ref: AMSC925

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Having recently enjoyed listening to some wonderful music during BBC2’s 40th Anniversary celebrations it seems somehow appropriate that AVIDs’ latest release on its new AVID EASY imprint should be from a superb vocal group often heard on Sing Something Simple, The Mike Sammes Singers.
Rivals only to the, perhaps more famous, but not necessarily more talented Cliff Adams Singers they were the group most likely to get the call when Pop aristocracy went into the studio. Adored by millions of listeners all over the world The Mike Sammes Singers kept their other more “hip” credentials fairly well hidden. Yes, incredibly it is them you can hear on “I Am The Walrus” and yes it certainly is them you can hear behind Ringo as they back him on one of The Beatles most beautiful songs, the John Lennon penned “Goodnight” , the last track on the stunning White Album.
So hear is your chance to hear what the “in” people were hearing all those years ago, timeless songs sung in beautiful harmony. This is AVID’s tribute to Mike Sammes who sadly passed away recently and as group member says in his liner notes “great days”.

1. I’ve Heard That Song Before
2. Last Of The Summer Wine
3. You Are My Heart’s Delight
4. I’m Comin’ Home
5. Remember
6. The Mayfair Ladies’ Quartet
7. I’ve Told Ev’ry Little Star
8. Humming Bird
9. As Time Goes By
10. We’ll Meet Again
11. It Had To Be You
12. All The Things You Are
13. You And I
14. All Alone
15. If You Were The Only Girl In The World
16. Laughter In The Rain
17. What’ll I Do
18. So In Love With You
19. Once In A While
20. Strollin’
21. Ta-Ra

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