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Mick Flavin: Lucky Break

Mick Flavin: Lucky Break

Ref: SYRCD0602

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‘Lucky Break’ is the title of Mick Flavin’s new album. This is vintage Mick Flavin and represents his 18th album release since he was propelled into the national spotlight 20 years ago. He has earned his recording stripes with accumulative sales in Ireland alone exceeding 300,000.
This new album “Lucky Break”, is a series of individual life-stories reflecting Mick’s sensitivity and insight into human nature with understanding of its “ups and downs”, its “joys and heartbreaks”. It echo’s his own particularly simple lifestyle, yet effortlessly delivers a dynamic and talented performance.
With his larger than live presence Mick can still convey a very simple story and many tracks on this new release capture the love of his native land and his Irish roots. The clear heartfelt vocals on this CD will have volcanic appeal to Mick’s audience. His infectious style and unparalleled mastery will once again charm all who choose the pleasure of listening to these wonderful songs with the special artistic “Flavin Treatment”.
Celebrity endorsement by George Hamilton IV ‘The Ambassador of Country Music’ confirms the very high esteem in which Mick Flavin is held, in international music circles. George acknowledges in the inlay notes that Mick’s star recently shone in the glowing constellation of country artists when he made a landmark appearance at the Grand Ole Opry in September 2006 in two shows, the fulfilment of a lifetime dream for Mick

1. I Love Ireland
2. Waltz Of The Angels
3. All My Roads Lead Back To You
4. Sweet Rosie Jones
5. Give A Lonely Heart A Home
6. I Knew This Day Would Come
7. Mayo To St. Antone
8. Weary, Weary World
9. Village In County Tyrone
10. His Latest Flame
11. My Wild Rose Of Leitrim
12. Clap Your Hands
13. I See You Everywhere
14. I Wonder Could I Live There
15. No Justice In This World
16. Lucky Break

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