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Chris Dean: Once Upon A Time (CD)

Chris Dean: Once Upon A Time (CD)

Ref: OMM001

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‘Everything about this album reeks of class and perfection. Chris Dean sings magnificently. ‘Once Upon A Time’ must be the best big band vocal album of 2007. Bar None!’ - MALCOLM LAYCOCK, BBC Radio 2
Once Upon A Time... I met a young trombone player. Robert Farnon had insisted I book this guy to play on an album with George Benson. From then on he became a regular in the Farnon Orchestra, recording with the likes of Joe Williams and George Shearing.
This acclaimed and celebrated musician became my friend.
He has always been at the top of his game, present at all of the major recordings and television shows through the 80’s and 90’s and is still rated as one of the foremost trombone players in Europe. Now over the last two years Chris has re-invented himself as a singer. In fact a singer of immense prowess with cutting edge flair! He has brought with him from his trombone playing a great feel for swing music and his lyrical interpretation is something that he has honed to perfection.
Once Upon A Time is an exquisite album with a wide variety of styles and moods and a powerful vocal delivery that accompanies the entire project! Just listen to the tender ‘A Nightingale sang in Berkley Square’ where Chris shadows the great Louis Stewart through his guitar solo, pure class! In the title track ‘Once upon a time’ Chris’ interpretation of the lyrics weave a vividly visual tapestry, beguiling and capable of possessing just about anyone within earshot. ‘All or nothing at all’ is where Chris swings hard and is full of intensity and energy. ‘On the street where you live’ shows his free-flowing scat style. This is big band singing at its best! As for ‘How about you’ well how about that! Chris is joined by his son Matthew on this track, bringing fun and humor to a timeless gem of a song. Matthew’s voice takes on the hip and cool colours of a new Chet Baker and has inherited his Dad’s sense of swing and style.
There are so many goodies on this album. It’s filled with fun, romance and with showstopping arrangements from none other that Robert Farnon, Colin Skinner and Bryan Pendleton. What can I say about the Chris Dean Big Band... enjoyment comes through in every track and praise is due all round, it’s a unique and memorable performance... no less than we expect from this orchestra.
This album is just one more milestone in a career that is brimming with widespread acclaim and Chris Dean a fine and abundantly talented musician delivers everything a listener could ask for... and more
DEREK BOULTON (Manager to Tony
Bennett : Robert Farnon : Ted Heath)

1. On The Street Where You Live
2. Call Me Irresponsible
3. A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square
4. All Or Nothing At All
5. If I Love Again
6. Dancing In The Dark
7. I Could Write A Book
8. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
9. The Song Is You
10. An Affair To Remember
11. Day In Day Out
12. Even You And I
13. You Bought A New Kind Of Love To Me
14. I’ll Take Romance
15. Tender Is The Night
16. How About You
17. Once Upon A Time

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