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Robert Farnon: Lovers Love London (CD)

Robert Farnon: Lovers Love London (CD)

Ref: AVHN101

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Andre Previn declared, many years ago, that Robert Farnon is the greatest living writer for strings.
When he hears this album, he will be reassured that his opinion was not misplaced!
At the age of 84, Farnon could be forgiven for merely "polishing up" a few old tunes, but it is clear that his urge to compose is still as strong as ever. Five of the tracks on this beautifully produced new CD are brand new works, while others have been given fresh new settings which frequently amaze through their sheer beauty.
"I'm sure everyone who enjoys listening to romantic music will enjoy listening to this CD"....Jack Parnell.

1. Lovers Love London
2. En Bateau
3. Laura
4. Little Did I Know
5. To A Young Lady
6. Occasion To Reminisce
7. For Eileen
8. The Touch Of Your Lips
9. Intermezzo For Harp
10. Lady Barbara
11. A Violin Miniature
12. Coeur Brise
13. Peacehaven
14. For "C.K."
15. How Beautiful Is The Night

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