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Tutti Camarata: Orchestral Opera & Chorus (CD)

Tutti Camarata: Orchestral Opera & Chorus (CD)

Ref: AMSC730

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The term "Orchestral Opera" has been used to describe the wonderful music conductor-composer Tutti Camarata has arranged for this new CD from Avid Distribution.
Camarata has gathered together some of the greatest songs of classical opera, taken away the vocals and replaced them with beautiful orchestral arrangements. Imaginative as these arrangements are, they always maintain the artistic and dramatic intent of the composer and his opera.
Camarata's approach is always to let the melodies speak for themselves, there are no major harmony changes and solo instruments have been carefully chosen to replace vocal lines.
The result is a stunning album of orchestral opera, which has simply become beautiful songs without words.

1. Celeste Aida (Aida)(Act 1)
2. Bell Chorus: Don, Din, Don (Pagliacci)(With Chorus) (Act 1)
3. Numi, Pietà Del Mio Soffrir! (Aida) (Act 1)
4. Intermezzo (Pagliacci)
5. Chorus Of Hebrew Slaves: Va, Pensiero (Nabucco) (With Chorus) (Act 3)
6. Fuggiam Gli Adori...Là, Tra Foreste Vergini (Aida) (Act 3)
7. Siciliana: O Lola, C'hai Di Latti (Cavalleria Rusticana)
8. Pilgrims' Chorus -
Beglückt Darf Nun W/Chorus (Tanhauser) (With Chorus) (Act 3)
9. O Patria Mia (Aida) (Act 3)
10. Soldiers' Chorus -
Gloire Immortelle De Nos Aïeux (Faust) (With Chorus) (Act 4)
11. Intermezzo (Cavalleria Rusticana)
12. Recitar!...Vesti La Giubba (Pagliacci) (Act 1)
13. Immenso Fthà, Del Mondo...O Terra Addio (Aida) (Act 4)
14. Gloria All'egitto, Ad Iside (With Chorus)
15. Grand March
16. Ballet
17. Vieni, O Guerriero Vindice (With Chorus)

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