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Ray Charles: The Atlantic Story 1952-1954 (CD)

Ray Charles: The Atlantic Story 1952-1954 (CD)

Ref: AMSC798

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Comprising the first twenty issued songs recorded by the "Genius Of Soul", Mr Ray Charles for Atlantic Records from 1952-1954, AVID's superbly re-mastered tribute follows the journey of his early beginnings where we see him developing his unique style in New York in 1952.
From there we move to 1953 with six tracks Ray laid down showing the emergence of his famed versatility, culminating in "Mess Around" from which we can see the seeds for his classic hit "What'd I Say" released six years later!
Later that year in New Orleans Atlantics faith in Ray began to pay off when we start to see his synthesis of jazz, blues and gospel really start to come together.
Finally Atlantic (and AVID!) catch up with Ray a year later in 1954 where among the outstanding tracks laid down was "I Got A Woman" the track that crossed Ray over to a white audience and really kick started his incredible journey to becoming one of Americas' greatest musical stars.

1. The Sun's Gonna Shine Again
2. Roll With My Baby
3. The Midnight Hour
4. Jumpin' In The Morning
5. It Should Have Been Me
6. Losing Hand
7. Heartbreaker
8. Sinner's Prayer
9. Mess Around
10. Funny But I Still Love You
11. I Wonder Who
12. Don't You Know Baby
13. Feelin' Sad
14. Nobody Cares
15. Mr Charles' Blues
16. Ray's Blues
17. I Got A Woman
18. Black Jack
19. Greenbacks
20. Come Back Baby

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