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Various Artists: Echoes of Variety (CD)

Various Artists: Echoes of Variety (CD)

Ref: AMSC732

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A golden collection of memorable comedy moments from the classic Variety era. Avid's latest re-mastered CD contains a "cast" of many of the most popular and best loved names who are associated with this halcyon period in British comedy. From the "cheeky chappie" himself Max Miller to the monolgues of Bernard Miles and Stanley Holloway to the man from "ITMA" Tommy Handley and the great double acts Flanagan & Allen and Flotsam & Jetsam taking in "good hearted" Arthur Askey and Robb Wilton along the way, this wonderful CD presents a cavalcade of classic comedy not to be forgotten ... or missed!

1. Leaning On A Lampost - George Formby
2. Mary From The Dairy - Max Miller
3. PC Lamb - Flotsam & Jetsam
4. Over The Gate - Bernard Miles
5. Medley: The Sport Of Kings & Underneath The Arches - Flanagan & Allen
6. If A Grey Haired Lady Says, 'How's Your Father?' - Jack Warner & Sonny
7. Brahn Boots - Stanley Holloway
8. My Mother Doesn't Know I'm On The Stage - Billy Bennett
9. An Elephant Never Forgets - Lupino Lane
10. At The Court Of Good Queen Bess - Elsie & Doris Waters
11. Hints On Blow-Outs For Black-Outs - Tommy Handley
12. Cooking The Dinner - Clapham & Dwyer
13. Jolly Good Company - Jack & Claude Hulbert
14. I'm An Old Norman Castle - Annette Mills
15. Medley: Oi! & Underneath The Arches - Flanagan & Allen
16. The Woman Improver - Max Miller
17. Cyril Fletcher Tells A Couple - Cyril Fletcher
18. The Police Station - Robb Wilton
19. The Green Tie On The Little Yellow Dog - Billy Bennett
20. The Thing-Ummy-Bob (That's Gonna Win The War) - Arthur Askey
21. The Window Cleaner (When I'm Cleaning Windows) - George Formby
22. We Must Have Another Little One - Tommy Handley
23. Champagne Charlie - Tommy Trinder

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