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Max Miller: All Good Stuff, Lady (CD)

Max Miller: All Good Stuff, Lady (CD)

Ref: AMSC687

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1-9. Max Miller In The Theatre
(Holborn Empire -1938)
1. Intro Theme: 'Mary from The Dairy'
2. 'I'm going to sing a little number tonight entitled'
3. 'What I want to tell you is this'
4. 'Listen, Listen'
5. 'Listen I like the girls who do...'
6. 'Now do you feel alright with the new number Sidney?'
7. 'There's a surprise'
8. The Hiking Song
9. Exit Theme

10. The Woman Improver (1936)

11-22. Max Miller In The Theatre
(Finsbury Park Empire 1939)
11. Intro Theme 'Mary from the dairy'
12. 'Put the lights up, put the lights up'
13. 'I'm going to sing a little number Eric'
14. 'I bet nobody would bump into me in a blackout'
15. 'Now, now simmer down'
16. 'I went into a hotel the other day'
17. Down where the rambling roses grow'
18. I don't like the girls
19. 'Listen, listen... I've got a dog, I've got a dog'
20. Now simmer down
21. Mary Ann
22. Exit Theme

23-33. Max Miller With The Forces
‘Somewhere In England’
(Odeon Theatre, Lewes, Sussex 1940)
23. Intro
24. A new kind of old fashioned girl
25. 'Lumme, you don't know what to wear this weather
26. It says in the white book
27. I better stay on the blue book, eh?
28. Listen, I tell you what I want to do now if I may
29. Stringing along with you
30. Sitting in the old armchair
31. You are Mr Max Miller aren't you
32. Your a very nice girl you know
33. The Hiking Song

34. La-De-Da (1937)

35-41. Max Miller In The Theatre
(Finsbury Park Empire 1942)
35. Intro Theme
36. Sitting in the park with Sarah
37. 'Now I started courting when I was 17'
38. 'But I have got my own studios in Brighton'
39. Cheeky Chappie
40. Have you got Rhapsody in Blue
41. I never slept a wink all night

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