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Glenn Miller - The Missing Chapters Vol 6 (CD)

Glenn Miller - The Missing Chapters Vol 6 (CD)

Ref: AMSC561

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1. The Army Air Corps (Opening Fanfare)
2. I Sustain The Wings (Opening Theme)
3. Sun Valley Jump
4. Suddenly It's Spring
5. All Through The Night
6. I Love You
7. Take It Easy
8. Blue Hawaii
9. Juke Box Saturday Night
10. Pearls On Velvet
11. There Are Yanks
12. I Sustain The Wings (Closing Theme)
13. My Ideal
14. Holiday For Strings
15. Goin' Home
16. The Dipsy Doodle
17. Speak Low
18. It Must Be Jelly
19. Annie Laurie
20. In The Mood
21. In An 18th Century Drawing Room
22. Guns In The Sky
23. Deep Purple
24. Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'
25. Now I Know
26. Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
27. Blue Champagne
28. Snafu Jump
29. Army Air Corps Song

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