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Frank Sinatra: The Early Years (2CD)

Frank Sinatra: The Early Years (2CD)

Ref: AVC552

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1. Oh! Look At Me Now
2. Shadows On The Sand
3. You Lucky People, You
4. Moments In The Moonlight
5. Devil May Care
6. Daybreak
7. Love Me As I Am
8.Two In Love
9. Snootie Little Cutie
10. Somewhere A Voice Is Calling
11.Too Romantic
12. Hear My Song, Violetta
13. Free For All
14. How Do You Do Without Me?
15. Poor You
16. I Could Make You Care
17. Say It (Over And Over Again)
18. The Fable Of The Rose
19. April Played The Fiddle
20. Tell Me At Midnight
21. Love Lies
22. Trade Winds

1. My Buddy
2. Melancholy Mood
3. Here Comes The Night (aka These Are The Things I Love)
4. In The Blue Of The Evening
5. The Sky Fell Down
6. Head On My Pillow
7. Just As Though You Were Here
8. Looking For Yesterday
9. Delores
10. When You Awake
11. Take Me
12. Where Do You Keep Your Heart?
13. Anything
14. Last Call For Love
15. The Call Of The Canyon
16. Light A Candle In The Chapel
17. You And I
18. You're Breaking My Heart All Over Again
19. You're Lonely And I'm Lonely
20. Close To You
21. You'll Never Know
22.The Night We Called It A Day

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