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Evelyn Laye: Queen Of Musical Comedy (2CD)

Evelyn Laye: Queen Of Musical Comedy (2CD)

Ref: AMSC977

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You are that rare and Holy Trinity of the stage, a great singer, a great actress and a great beauty’. Thus spoke legendary Austrian film director Max Reinhardt referring to the subject of AVID’s latest 2CD tribute, Evelyn Laye - Queen of Musical Comedy.
During a career spanning nine decades she ran the gamut of 20th Century entertainment from operetta to variety via silent cinema, farce, pantomime and TV drama. Born into a small time theatrical family in 1900, ‘Boo’ as she was known to all, began her theatrical career at the tender age of four when she sauntered on to the stage unexpectedly during a matinee and received 6d for her troubles! At the peak of her career she was earning £1000 a week, a huge amount in those days. Her final stage performance came in 1992 at London’s Players Theatre and her final public performance two years later in 1994 when she appeared on Pat Kirkwood’s This Is Your Life TV tribute show.
Our splendid double CD set covers her 71 year career and includes many previously unreleased performances and liner notes by Daily Mail columnist Michael Thornton.

1. I’ll See You Again
2. The Guards’ Brigade
3. Vilia*
4. Maxim’s*
5. I Love You So (The Merry Widow Waltz)*
6. Love Me Now
7. Do I Do Wrong? (with Geoffrey Gwyther)
8. Lover, Come Back To Me
9. The Girl on the Prow
10. Wanting You (with Howett Worster)
11. One Kiss
12. The Call of Life
13. Dear Little Café*
14. Zigeuner
15. Heavenly Night (with John Boles)
16. A Glass of Golden Bubbles (Champagne Song) (with George Baker)
17. Butterfly Song
18. The Princess’s Awakening
19. Near and Yet So Far
20. Brave Hearts
21. Love is a Song
22. My Home in Tralee
23. I Wait for You
24. Brindisi (Libiamo, ne’ lieti calici) (with Browning Mummery)
25. The Night is Young (with Ramon Novarro)
26. When I Grow Too Old to Dream
27. Land of Hope and Glory*
*Previously unissued

1. Let the People Sing
2. I See Your Face Before Me*
3. My Nicolo
4. Love Never Comes Too Late (with Richard Tauber)
5. Love Live For Ever (And Rule My Heart)
6. Nobody Could Love You More (with Richard Tauber)
7. Our Love
8. My Life Belongs to You
9. If I Should Fall in Love Again (with John McCormack)
10. Only a Glass of Champagne
11. You’ve Done Something to My Heart
12. I’m Going to See You Today*
13. Love is My Reason*
14. Forever (The Second Waltz)
15. How Can Words Content A Lover? (The Third Waltz)
16. A Man is a Man
17. In the Pink
18. They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore
19. And You Like It with Mark Wynter
20. Liaisons*
21. I Remember It Well* (with Harry Secombe)
22. If You Were the Only Girl in the World* (with Roy Hudd)
23. Where Have I Put My Glasses?*
24. Where Are the Songs We Sung?*
25. Mrs Worthington*
26. Thank You*
27. When I Grow Too Old to Dream (reprise)
28. I’ll See You Again*
*Previously unissued

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