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Sauter-Finegan Orchestra: Four Classic Albums Plus (New Directions In Music / The Sons Of  Sauter Finegan / Adventures In Time / Memories Of Goodman & Miller) (2CD)

Sauter-Finegan Orchestra: Four Classic Albums Plus (New Directions In Music / The Sons Of Sauter Finegan / Adventures In Time / Memories Of Goodman & Miller) (2CD)

Ref: AMSC1246

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AVID Jazz continues with its Four Classic album plus series with a re-mastered 2CD Second Set release from The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra, complete with original artwork and liner notes.
“New Directions In Music”; “The Sons of Sauter-Finegan”; “Adventures In Time”, “Memories Of Goodman And Miller” plus “Concerto for Jazz Band and Symphony Orchestra”
Eddie Sauter met Bill Finegan in 1939 when both men were making a living as arrangers for the likes of Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Red Norvo and Woody Herman who were in fact most of the classic Swing Era leaders of the day! They had both started their musical careers as musicians, Finegan, a pianist and Sauter, a trumpeter. They didn’t form the Sauter-Finegan Orchestra until 1952 and it lasted until 1957 with a short reunion in 1959. The costs of maintaining such a large band on the road had become prohibitive, and record sales were not keeping up with the bands ambitions. Maybe the anomaly of being ostensibly a swing orchestra after the age of swing didn’t help either! A 1952 Billboard article quoted the bands intentions as being “a creative band, which will combine dance music as well as mood interpretations”. Add to this, inventive arrangements and unusual instrumentation and you may begin to get near the unique sound of The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra. However to really discover their sound we suggest you purchase this set and settle down and prepare to listen to the unusual and unique albums of The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra, some of which are appearing here for the first time on CD!

1-8: ‘New Directions In Music’
1. Doodletown Fifers
2. April In Paris
3. Midnight Sleighride
4. Rain
5. Azure-Te (Paris Blues)
6. Stop! Sit Down! Relax! Think!
7. Moonlight On The Ganges
8. When Hearts Are Young
9-20: ‘The Sons Of Sauter Finegan’
9. Back In Your Own Backyard
10. I Surrender Dear
11. Street Of Dreams
12. Lip Service
13. Two Bats In A Cave
14. Mad About The Boy
15. Over The Rainbow
16. Non-Identical Twins
17. Easy To Remember
18. Nip And Tuck
19. Fascinatin’ Rhythm
20. Procrastination
21. Concerto for Jazz Band and Symphony Orchestra from The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra/Chicago Symphony Orchestra: Concerto For Jazz Band and Symphony Orchestra

1-12: ‘Adventures In Time’
1. The Jukes Family Takes A Holiday
2. E=MC2
3. Time Machine
4. World Without Time
5. The Minute
6. The Stone Age
7. Whoo Doo Voodoo
8. A Chinese Painting
9. Abstraction
10. Kinetic Energy
11. Swingcussion
12. Roulette-P.S. He Lost
13-23: ‘Memories Of Goodman & Miller’
13. Little Brown Jug
14. Sunrise Serenade
15. Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto
16. Swing Low Swing Chariot
17. Moonlight Sonata
18. Song Of The Volga Boatman
19. Benny Rides Again
20. Soft As Spring
21. Clarinet A La King
22. Ramona
23. Superman

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