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Percy Humphrey / Sweet Emma Barrett / Jim Robinson / Billie And Dede Pierce: New Orleans: 1961 The Living Legends - Four Classic Albums (2CD)

Percy Humphrey / Sweet Emma Barrett / Jim Robinson / Billie And Dede Pierce: New Orleans: 1961 The Living Legends - Four Classic Albums (2CD)

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AVID Jazz here presents four classic albums including original LP liner notes on a finely re-mastered and low priced double CD.
“Percy Humphrey’s Crescent City Joymakers”; “Sweet Emma Barrett “The Bell Gal” & Her Dixieland Boys featuring Jim Robinson”; “Jim Robinson’s New Orleans Band” and “Billy And Dede Pierce Vocal Blues And Cornet In The Classic Tradition.
Jazz, New Orleans style is the order of the day on these four classic albums of the genre. The difference being these albums were all recorded in 1961 by a bunch a disparate musicians who had had musical careers of varying success over the previous thirty years. On these albums you will meet some of the characters who populated the New Orleans of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and who maybe never quite made it, in the sense of becoming worldwide familiar names in their chosen field of jazz and blues. Say “Hi” to Percy Humphrey, Albert Burbank and Emmanuel Sayles. Meet the lady with the bells down her legs, Sweet Emma Barrett, and trombonist Jim Robinson who pops up on two of our four albums including his own album with his New Orleans Band. Then there is Billie and Dede Pierce performing some of the oldest forms of New Orleans music with their blues in the classic tradition. That tradition being the singing of the blues to the accompaniment of cornet and piano, one of the earliest forms of negro jazz when it was first recoded in the 1920’s. Billie was 54 when this album was made but she could boast about how she had played piano for Bessie Smith when she was only 15!! They could also both boast that they had been chosen by none other than Ida Cox to support her on her final tour of the south!
All four albums plus have been digitally re-mastered for probably the finest ever sound quality!

1-8: ‘Percy Humphrey’s Crescent City Joy Makers’
1. Milenberg Joys
2. Over In Gloryland
3. Lonesome Road
4. We Shall Walk Through The Streets Of The City
5. Weary Blues
6. Bucket’s Got A Hole In It
7. All The Gals Like The Way I Ride
8. Rip ‘Em Up Joe
9-16: ‘Sweet Emma Barrett ‘The Bell Gal’ & Her Dixieland Boys Featuring Jim Robinson’
9. Bill Bailey
10. Chinatown
11. Down In Honky Tonk Town
12. The Bell Gal’s Careless Blues
13. I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None Of This Jelly Roll
14. Just A Little While To Stay Here
15. Tishomingo Blues
16. When The Saints Go Marching In

1-9: ‘Jim Robinson’s New Orleans’
1. Ice Cream
2. In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
3. Mobile Stomp
4. Bogalousa Strut
5. Jada
6. Bugle Boy March
7. Yearning
8. Whenever You’re Lonely
9. When You Wore A Tulip
10-18: ‘Billie & Dede Pierce Vocal Blues And Cornet In The Classic Tradition’
10. St. Louis Blues
11. Goodbye Daddy Blues
12. Careless Love
13. Brickhouse Blues
14. Algiers Hoodoo Blues
15. Slow Tonk Blues
16. Gulf Coast Blues
17. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
18. Love Song Of The Nile

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