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John Lewis & The Modern Jazz Quartet: Four Classic Albums (At Music Inn - Vol 2 / Odds Against Tomorrow / The John Lewis Piano / Odds Against Tomorrow - Soundtrack) (2CD)

John Lewis & The Modern Jazz Quartet: Four Classic Albums (At Music Inn - Vol 2 / Odds Against Tomorrow / The John Lewis Piano / Odds Against Tomorrow - Soundtrack) (2CD)

Ref: AMSC1010

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AVID Jazz here presents four classic Modern Jazz Quartet and John Lewis albums, including original LP liner notes on a finely re-mastered and low priced double CD.
“The Modern Jazz Quartet At Music Inn - Vol Two”, “Music From Odds Against Tomorrow”, “ The John Lewis Piano” and the Original Music from the soundtrack to “Odds Against Tomorrow”.
It has taken us a while to release the follow up to our first Music Inn date (AMSC945) but the waiting is over and here it is complete with the great tenor man Sonny Rollins on two tracks “Bags Groove” and “Night In Tunisia”! We also include two different takes on the music John Lewis composed for the movie “Odds Against Tomorrow” the second film score of Lewis’ that we have featured in this series, the other being “No Sun In Venice” (AMSC976). The soundtrack features the MJQ along with a full orchestra and includes such classic jazz names as Bill Evans, Jim Hall and Gunther Schuller and is conducted by none other than John Lewis himself. The music from the film is presented by the MJQ alone, both were recorded in 1959. We have divided these two takes with the first album devoted primarily to the solo piano of John Lewis “The John Lewis Piano”. Here the great man is joined by a small and select group of musicians, Connie Kay and Percy Heath and on guitar on four separate pieces, Barry Galbraith and Jim Hall.

1-6: ‘At Music Inn - Vol 2’
1. Medley: Star Dust / I Can’t Get Started / Lover Man
2. Yardbird Suite
3. Midsommer
4. Festival Sketch
5. Bags’ Groove
6. Night In Tunisia
7-12: ‘Music From Odds Against Tomorrow’
7. Skating In Central Park
8. No Happiness For Slater
9. A Social Call
10. Cue 9
11. A Cold Wind Is Blowing
12. Odds Against Tomorrow
13: ‘The John Lewis Piano’
13. Harlequin

1-7: ‘The John Lewis Piano’
1. Little Girl Blue
2. The Bad And The Beautiful
3. D & E
4. It Never Entered My Mind
5. Warmeland
6. Pierrot
7. Colombine
8-26: ‘Odds Against Tomorrow - Soundtrack’
8. Prelude To Odds Against Tomorrow
9. A Cold Wind Is Blowing
10. Five Figure People Crossing Paths
11. How To Frame Pigeons
12. Morning Trip To Melton
13. Looking At The Caper
14. Johnny Ingram’s Possessions
15. The Carousel Incident
16. Skating In Central Park
17. No Happiness For Slater
18. Main Theme: Odds Against Tomorrow
19. Games
20. Social Call
21. The Impractical Man
22. Advance On Melton
23. Waiting Around The River
24. Distractions
25. The Caper Failure
26. Postlude

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