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Jessie Matthews: A Centenary Celebration (2CD)

Jessie Matthews: A Centenary Celebration (2CD)

Ref: AMSC907

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AVID Entertainment is proud to launch a new label with a very special release celebrating the centenary of one of Britain’s greatest international stars.
AVID EASY presents Jessie Matthews: A Centenary Celebration.
Quoted in 1936 Irving Berlin called her the “female Fred Astaire. America worships her”. And he should know as the legendary Astaire was the favoured interpreter of some of Berlin’s greatest songs! Jessie Matthews truly was an international star at the height of her fame in the ‘30’s and to make this release something special we have included no less than 16 items never previously released. This is an absolute treasure trove for the millions of fans both young and old alike who still regularly subscribe to her thriving Appreciation Society. Following a recent article in the Daily Mail by Michael Thornton author of Jessie Matthews: A Biography and writer of our excellent sleeve notes expect demand to be high from her many fans throughout the world!

1. Got to Dance My Way to Heaven
2. I’m Only a Baby (I Maybe Only a Baby)
3. Silly Little Hill (with Henry Lytton Jr.)
4. The Good Little Girl and the Bad Little Girl
5. Friendly Ghosts
6. Journey’s End
7. My Heart Stood Still
8. A Room with a View
9. Just a Memory
10. Let’s Do It
11. Out of the Blue
12. Let’s Be Sentimental with Gene Gerrard
13. Hold My Hand with Sonnie Hale
14. Try to Forget
15. Turn On the Music with Sonnie Hale
16. By the Fireside
17. One More Kiss
18. One Little Kiss from You
19. I’ll Stay with You
20. Three Wishes with John Gielgud
21. Let Me Give My Happiness to You
22. Dancing on the Ceiling
23. Just By Your Example
24. When You’ve Got a Little Springtime In Your Heart
25. (a) Tinkle Tinkle Tinkle (b) Over My Shoulder
26. Say the Word and It’s Yours
27. I Can Wiggle My Ears

1. Everything’s in Rhythm with My Heart
2. The Little Silkworm
3. It’s Love Again
4. Tony’s in Town
5. I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping Through My Fingers
6. Head Over Heels In Love
7. Looking Around Corners For You
8. There’s That Look in Your Eyes Again
9. May I Have the Next Romance with You?
10. When You Gotta Sing, You Gotta Sing
11. Moon or No Moon
12. Gangway
13. Lord and Lady Whoozis
14. My River
15. Trusting My Luck
16. Souvenir of Love
17. Your Heart Skips a Beat (with Jack Whiting)
18. Look for the Silver Lining
19. Whip-Poor-Will
20. I’d Like to Share with You
21. Sleepy Lagoon
22. Life is Nothing without Music
23. I’ll String Along with You with Margaret Eaves
24. I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now?
25. (a) Wouldn’t It Be Loverly? (b) I Could Have Danced All Night
26. Introduction to Harriet Green
27. Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me a Bow-Wow
28. The Farewell Speech of Harriet Green
29. Reprise: Over My Shoulder

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